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About Us

We are Nirmal and Jyoti, a travel loving couple always ready to hit the road. With this website, we’re sharing our travel stories and pictures. We hope to inspire everyone to travel and open up hearts & minds to people around the world. 

Nirmal, a small town boy at heart, was born with an itch to travel. He truly believes in our tagline – I travel, therefore I am. Nirmal immaculately researches and plans every one of our trips. He has an eye for showcasing the often overlooked nuances of our destinations through his lens. Jyoti’s love for travel started early as she lived in many places exposed to rich cultures. Jyoti is the prolific writer and designer, bringing our stories to life through this blog.

We’ve been traveling together for the last quarter century through many phases of our life – from our college days to having babies and raising big kids. We travel at every opportunity – as a family, solo, one parent with one child, and of course, just the two of us.

We’re curious about the history, culture, natural history, geology, anything unique and interesting about the place. We have a sense of wonder for our planet and explore the nature all around us. Our fondness for nature has brought us to some of the most amazing places on earth. We find stories of people and places in every corner that everyone can relate to. We hope you enjoy our journeys with us.



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